• Meditation relieves everyday stress 
  • Meditation improves attention and concentration 
  • Meditation increases your productivity

What is "Simply Meditation" and what is its peculiarity?

  1. Develops love and brings harmony into relationships. 
  2. Improves the skills necessary in work: mindfulness, concentration and creativity. 
  3. Helps to cope with difficult situations at work and remain calm during periods of emotional ups and downs. 
  4. Increases productivity in everyday life, at work or in the upbringing of children. 
  5. Develops intuition and creativity.
  6. Helps to harmonize emotions and reduce stress, which are the main causes of many diseases. 
  7. You become less dependent on the ups, downs and instabilities of everyday life. 
  8. As for the children, meditation improves intelligence, concentration, attention, behavior.

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During the course you will receive a complex of powerful meditative techniques that have many positive effects and are easy to learn and practice.

The course is conducted by a certified teacher and world level specialist

Mrs. Irina Baidake

Vice President of the European Federation of Wellness Technologies.

Course price: 40.00 EUR

Duration: 4 hours (by agreement, you can take a 3-day course for 1.5 hours)

Course Language: Russian

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