Classic cosmoenergy training

What is the classical cosmoenergy?

Cosmoenergetics (KE) is the unique healing and spiritual development practice of our time. Uniqueness lies in the fact that it is based on ancient Eastern, Asian, Vedic knowledge, it can be quickly mastered and applied to any person who wants to.

Today, the reality and effectiveness of cosmoenergetics no longer need to be proved. Over the past 25 years, a significant number of scientific and medical studies have been carried out, patents have been received on the treatment of various diseases - which was the basis for the entry of the Federation of Cosmoenergetics into the World Health Organization (WHO).

CE is not related to religions, people of different nations know and apply it in different countries.

Where is the method of cosmoenergetics used?

The method of CE is applied in all spheres of human life: restoration and strengthening of immunity, health, energy, psyche (healing of the body and soul); Solving problems in relationships, work, business, sports, training and more.

To master and use the method of FE for yourself and for helping people can any person, any specialty. Cosmoenergetics is applicable in medicine, psychology, pedagogy, cosmetology, agriculture, business, etc. spheres of human life.

How does the method affect a person's condition?

Using the method, you can:

  • to find family happiness; to establish relationships in the family;
  • increase immunity, activate internal reserves, eliminate diseases, restore and strengthen health; get rid of sexual problems and impotence, get rid of fears, depression, aggression;
  • accelerate career growth, as well as become successful in business, remove financial blocks; To raise self-esteem and gain self-confidence, which will help to easily overcome life's difficulties and turn dreams into reality;
  •  rise to a higher energy level, expand their consciousness, spiritual development, open clairvoyance and clairvoyance;
  • improve memory, concentration and ability to learn - children, schoolchildren and students begin to learn well, and develop creative abilities;
  • Help reborn and develop a sense of self-independence of calm and joy, eliminate chronic fatigue and find restlessness and ease
  • to be cleared of negative energoinformational introductions (in the people called - evil eye, spoilage, curses, etc.), and also energetically clean rooms, objects, cars, etc
  • to cope with the consequences of committed badly or involuntarily bad deeds, to change oneself for the better and achieve the set goals.

Cosmoenergy training

Health Energy Center provides the training and initiations for those who want to learn the method of classical Cosmoenergy, developed by Emil Bagirov. 

To master the method of special knowledge, one does not need to have special abilities and background. The basic training takes 4 days. (the program is officially licensed).

Upon completion of the training there is a Certificate is issued, that will allow you to receive Healer Certificates of the Federation of Cosmoenergy with further registration in the State Service of Internal Revenues as a self-employed person.

At the basic course you will learn:

  • About the method of Cosmoenergy, its essence and possibilities.
  • The history of Cosmoenergy.
  • How human body works: biofield, aura and chakras. Their influence on health and destiny.
  • How thoughts, emotions and desires affect the quality of life. About the subconscious and its possibilities.
  • Where do diseases, stresses, misfortunes, failures, problems in society and psycho-emotional instability, lack of money, etc. come from?
  • How to restore and improve health, to become to stress-resistant, to build a harmonious relationship with partners, relatives, and others, to establish relationships with parents, children, colleagues.
  • How to protect yourself, family, business, home, etc.
  • How to become successful and financially independent.

You will learn:

  • Remove any pain and any negative effects, bring out of coma, faint, shock.
  • Build energy shields for yourself and your family.
  • Restore and harmonize the work of chakras.
  • To block geopathic zones.
  • Develop intuition and vision, hidden abilities and talents.
  • Use the channels received through Initiations.
  • To conduct diagnostics - to determine: the state of the chakras, internal organs, the presence or absence of "bindings" (channels of energy leakage), negative impacts, energy in the aura, geopathic zones.
  • Professionally work according to the scheme of the healing session and apply it immediately after training (clean energy, eliminate diseases, restore and strengthen health).
  • Diagnose and work and distantly with a photo, mental image, as well as to conduct health and revitalizing sessions on-line.
  • Energetically clean house, offices, cars, goods, objects, jewelry, etc.
  • Energetically charge water, salt, cosmetics.
  • Eliminate addictions and "bindings" (alcoholism, tobacco smoking, drug addiction, obesity, gambling, "bindings" to the deceased, etc.).

Stages of training

After you receive the basic training course (I-II-III stages), it is possible to realize yourself and upgrade your qualifications in the following stages:

IV stage

Initiation and practices of Midi and Hektas channels. It gives access to the universal information space. Midi - bears planetary information, as well as it helps to find people, forgotten or lost objects, organizes meetings, removes interference in diagnostic and biolocation. Information is received from those levels which correspond to the energy structure of the student. Purification and expansion of consciousness occur gradually.

Hektas is a powerful information channel. It purifies and removes everything that prevents from reception of information. It powerfully expands and clears the mind, promotes the development of creative abilities and activation of high energy centers.

V stage

V stage - the continuation of initiations into the channels to the level of the Master;

  • Master of Cosmoenergy 
  • Exorcist (Initiation into the egregore Zoroastrianism); 
  • Master of Cosmoenergy 
  • Progressor of Cosmoenergy

Consecutive initiations in the Cosmoenergy channels of various spectrum of action to the level of the Master are performed at the option of a student. Time intervals between Initiations depend on desire and possibilities. The level of the Master comprises 41 channels, including basic training.

Master of Cosmoenergy

The level of the Master gives the power, the right and the technique of initiations of his patients into the multiuse channel to work with themselves in order to consolidate and improve the results of passed sessions.


Egregor Cosmoenergy Zoroastrianism (practices with fire), is used for a variety of tasks that require work with cause-effect relationships. First of all, these are the issues of social and financial spheres, good luck and success. It is also used in exorcism, which allows to rid the patient of any kind of obsession (essence) and addiction (alcoholism, tobacco smoking, drug addiction, gambling). The uniqueness of Zoroastrianism makes it possible to improve life quickly and qualitatively (removal of financial blocks, raising the material level, harmonizing relations, fulfilling reasonable desires, powerful protection and purification).

Initiation can be obtained one month after the initiation to the Master.

Further it is necessary to practice for not less than one year. Initiation into Magister stage is possible without Zoroastrian stage.

Then there are possible step-by-step Initiations into the Magister of the I-VIII stages.

Magister of stage I-III

receives the power of the channels of the Magister's block and the right to work with these channels (level III).

Magister of stage IV

receives the right and methodology of teaching and Initiation of his students in the I - II - III stages of cosmoenergy.

Magister of stage V

receives methodology for further initiation and training of his students in the channels of the Buddhist block.

Magister of stage VI

receives the right and methodology for initiation his students to the channels of the Magic Block.

Magister of stage VII

receives the right and methodology for initiation his students into the Masters.

Magister of stage VIII

receives the right and methodology for initiation his students to the Magister and Egregors of Zoroastrianism.

Progressor of Cosmoenergy

(magister of training and initiation) - after competency test, the Magister of the stage IV receives the title of the Progressor of Cosmoenergy.

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