How are the sessions performed?

Health improving sessions are held without the use of medicines, herbs, hypnosis.

1 session usually takes from 40 minutes to 1 hour.

During the session there is an overall refinement of aura from energy-informational destructions, removal of any kind of magic, spells , charms and external effects (witchery charms, love spells, celibacy wreath, coding, zombieing), delivering from energy substances (so called demons); correction and revitalizing of systems and organs. During the sessions there is not only initial problem that is removed but also a chain of factors that led to this problem related both to fate as well as to health.

The sessions shall be attended as courses. One course comprises from 7 to 15 sessions, after that there is a break from 2 weeks to 1, 5months.

The results achieved during the sessions are diagnosed after the break. The break is a remedial vacation when important revitalizing processes that were initiated on the sessions go on.

Non-contact and contact sessions (enhanced work with chakras and problem organs) are conducted during the course. The course starts with 2-3 non-contact sessions and after that contact and non-contact sessions interchange individually depending on the seriousness of a problem. During the session period you will experience personality harmonization, self-enrichment the raise of intellectual and creative abilities and energy potential; freedom from depression, fatigue and angst; there is also gradual body rejuvenation. You can also see changes in behavior of problematic children. Gradually business and relationship matters settle down, love, business and career matters i