Energy diagnostics (Biolocation)

This is what the first meeting with practicing cosmoenergy expert starts with.

Cosmoenergy diagnostics either reveals primary source of physical, mental and social problems or confirms you perfect state of energy and health.

The reason of problems and disorder can be the person himself due to his negative thoughts, emotions and deeds. Also the reason of problems can the different energy-informational impacts from outside, family programs and bindings. (channels for energy leakage) . In all these cases there are negative vibrations created and according to the law of similars a person attracts similar negative energies from outer informational field.

There is no need to make specific diagnosis using this method, since it can be perfectly done using modern medical examination. If a patient has medical files, results of health exams, ultrasound and doctors’ reports then it makes it easy and gives opportunity to make impartial assessment and approach to further revitalizing cosmoenergy sessions.

Main assessment is done considering the condition of biofield of a patient as well as the performance of the chakras – main energy centers of a human. In many cases the reason for weakened energy field is energy-informational impacts (witchery charms, love spells and other destructive programs )? That leads to deformation of bio field and leakage of life energy. The quantity and the quality of this energy is primary energetic defense of a person.

Destructive impacts disturb performance of charkas that are in charge of mental health of a person, his relationships in social environment (family, friends etc.) and his health as well. Each energy center is responsible for specific group of organs. And by condition of each charka one can form an opinion about possible diseases or problems. Besides, all of the chakras have their functions with regard to psychological performance of a person in the outside world (e.g., the fifth chakra is deals with communication, social intercourse), i.e. each charka administer some specific area of a person’s life. 

And you can make a conclusion about the reason for the problems that a person has in society. Let’s say, dysfunction of the 2nd and the 4th chakras leads to problems with family and personal life (impossibility to start a family, when there is a family – problems with children’s birth, complicated relationships and etc.)

  • determination of the presence or absence of deformation of the biofield (various impacts)
  • type of impact, how old if this impact
  • energy diagnostics of the work of chakras, organs
  • determination of the presence or absence of "bindings", channels of energy leakage, breakdowns in the aura
  • diagnostic by photo (the person in the photo should be alone)
  • finding and blocking of geopathic zones (in premises)

 Trial consultation, which is done after diagnosis, allows the patient to understand and realize the full assessment of his condition and make the necessary decisions. If desired, you can go through heal improving session that will clean, revitalize and restore energy and chakras