Crownoscopy is a simple and effective method for diagnosing your energy, psychoemotional and physical condition using the Crownoscope apparatus (the Kirlian effect).

The Kirlian effect is one of the first material proofs of the existence of the human energy cover. This discovery, made back in 1939, performed with the modern high technologies, is widely used today for scientific and applied purposes.

Crownoscopy is a modern and accurate method of determining the state of health. Crownoscope is used for preventive examination of the body and quick diagnostic and assessment of:

  • complex state of human health;
  • psychophysiological and energetic state of a person;
  • general condition of the body's systems: nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, urogenital, digestive, musculoskeletal, respiratory and lymphatic;
  • energy saturation of organs and systems of the body and allows you to identify areas of risk, i.e. bodies in which the probability of disease occurrence is high .;
  • predilection to certain diseases;
  • the state of the energy centers (chakras) and the energy channels connecting them;
  • the state of the aura, the presence or absence of negative impacts, breakdowns in the biofield, energy outbreaks, etc .
  • presence and condition of adaptive reserves of the body;
  • the dynamics of processes occurring in the body - with repeated diagnostic;
  • dominant motivational trends;
  • identification of the state of distress;
  • Efficiency and dynamics of therapeutic and recreational sessions and procedures, therapy, rehabilitation, etc.

The patient sits in front of the device, applying each finger of both hands to the transparent plate, the coronary glow of the person's finger is visualized on the screen and recorded by the instrument, after software processing we obtain and analyze the results.


 It is forbidden to use crownscopy with people that use pacemakers and other wearable medical items and devices.

Link of the NTV channel about the crownoscope