Bioresonance diagnostics

Bioresonance testing is a unique opportunity to obtain information about your health in 1.5-2 hours without complicated and expensive examinations and analyzes.

Using this test, you can find out the status of your organs, the foci of diseases (if any), the relationship of one disease with another. The reliability of computer diagnostics of the organism reaches 90%.

Bioresonance testing is intended for:

  • obtaining a qualitative assessment of the functional state of the body;
  • predicting the development of complications;
  • evaluation of the effectiveness and results of the implementation of a variety of methods of healing, cosmoenergetic, therapeutic and other revitalizing health effects, as well as their dynamics;
  • determination of allergens in the organism;
  • identification of the presence or absence of viruses, parasites, protozoa, bacteria, etc.

Principle of operation

The client puts on the headphones and for 20-30 minutes, while the sensor processes information about the state of his body, sits in front of the computer screen. After this, the information received is analyzed and a conclusion is issued. After that, the necessary additional studies are conducted with greater focus.

The results of bioresonance testing are:

  • List of existing pathologies for all organs and systems;
  • List of diseases at risk of development - initial changes are present, but there are no pronounced functional disorders and complaints from the client (diseases that can develop after a while in the absence of treatment);
  • List of present pathogens in organs and systems (viruses, parasites, protozoa, bacteria, etc.);
  • List of allergens that are dangerous to the client;
  • On request - selection and list of food products.

The reliability of testing is provided from at least five survey items, which allows to determine preclinical and initial stages of development of pathological processes, when the disease is only beginning and its clinical manifestations are absent. Therefore, it is possible to perfume prophylaxis and prevent the development of the problem.