Auraphoto diagnostics

Aurabuk is an innovative and unique device for visualizing the aura and chakras of a person:

It is known that the aura of man is the reflector of his universe.

The device Aurabuk registers all biologically active points on hand. It is Aurabuk that can be safely called a new generation device that can visualize a person's aura, chakras, their structure, dynamics and color, the shape and phase of rotation, the balance of energy that they contain.


One of the foundations in human parameters is the colors of the aura. Each of us has a strict color ratio. There is not two similar color compositions of the biofield. Even a slight difference in halftones can be seen (their basis - vibrations of color, which are individual). 

The device displays the fullness of the aura, its strength, form, the presence or absence of deformations, impacts, negative information.

Human chakras

Each color center is associated with one or another level of life, as well as with a certain aspect in the physical and spiritual terms. Even the expression of oneself using mimics and gestures, is not able to give us as much detailed information as it the color contains.

Yin and Yang

This program is able to reflect the characteristics of a person and his body in the psychological and physiological plan.

The Mind-Emotion Chart

Includes the ratio of such factors:

  • the left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for logic and intellegence;
  • the right hemisphere is imaginative, responsible for emotions and abstract thinking.

Chart Stability - Sharpness - Comprehension

It allows to determine the predominance in the personality of following qualities, by means of their correlation in personality:

  • stability: a person fully possesses himself, is imperturbable, maintains self-control; has restraint both in joy or in sorrow, in success, in failure;
  • sharpness: a person is characterized by quick temper, sharp or even rude in advocating his interests and positions, such a person has a certain propensity to fight;
  • comprehension: the person in any life situations is calm, he has developed endurance, the ability to think and perceive information coming from the outside world, to preserve expedient behavior.

Diagram Spiritual - Reasonable - Physical

The tri-unity of the spirit, mind and physical condition can bring harmony and joy into the life of man, bring it into equilibrium and properly achieve balance in all aspects of his being. Each of us, one way or another, strives for a harmonious combination and balance of body, spirit and mind. 

This balance will not allow the soul to lose its balance, even if it faces , at first glance, insurmountable difficulties. If the balance of the spiritual, rational and physical aspects is correct, then the energy in the person's chakras moves correctly (like an hour hand).

The U-SYN cycle

5 elements (fire, wood, earth, water, metal) interact within two cycles: mutual generation and mutual control. Life energy is redistributed directly between these five elements . If the energy normally moves within the body, then there will be no health problems.

The data obtained by Aurabuk is reliable and impossible to fake. It shows not only the true state of human health (both consciousness and subconsciousness), but also vibrations occurring in the color of the aura. The researcher does not only gets a full idea of what is behind the color scale of his aura, but also learns how the energy is distributed inside the chakras. The totality of these factors is enough to fully judge about the energy, psychophysical and emotional state of a person.