Love. Relationships. Wellness.

The seminar covers the most important issues of interrelations.

  • he and she;
  • relationships within the family and with others; 
  • the impact of the mother-child relationship from the first days of life to further wellness.

We will tell you how the negative programs that "guide" the person's life in the future, determine his future status, social and financial position, are installed in our unconscious.

What are the actions of a mother that lead to normal development of the mental apparatus of a child, and which of her actions cause child’s inclination to perversions, psychosis, depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, bad habits.

Where does greed, squander, inability to earn money and confide in yourself come from? How to learn to properly treat money and material goods. 

What can be done to overcome difficult situations in life and how to get rid of the barriers and negative programs laid down in childhood and acquired in the course of life.

It is important to know this information for every person - future parents, moms and dads, grandparents!

Also at the seminar you will learn about the causes of the problems of adulthood: bad luck and unsuccessful marriages, where the problems come from, how it is connected with the inability to earn money.

Most importantly, we will tell you how to correct and change your situation in life. There are going to be sessions and meditations to harmonize and improve relationships, to remove financial blocks and increase the level of material well-being, and all participants will receive various techniques for independent work.

 The seminar is conducted by certified teachers and international level specialist

Mrs. Irina Baidake and Viktor Baidak

The leaders of the European Federation of Wellness Technologies,

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