Liason with generation. Influence of ancestors on our life

Everyone has a close relationship with his Generation, with his ancestors. All spiritual traditions say that our DESTINY and HEALTH are determined by the program of the Generation. Any doctor knows that your health is 80% dependent on heredity: the human DNA stores the information of the Generation.

We are connected by a multitude of lines with the ancestors of the seven generations. The continuation of these links is our descendants. Many problems (70-80% of fate) are related to Generation, and therefore one should change not only his own way of thinking, life and pray for himself, but also for his Generation, his ancestors. Many ancestors have long been gone, but information about their fate and health affects us and descendants. This determines our destiny in many ways.

During the seminar you will learn how and why the ancestors influence our life, how to help themselves, their families and descendants, the whole future generation.

The seminar covers the following issues:

  • Relationship with the generations. Energy of the generations. Program of the generations. Lines of fate;
  • Formation of family relations and their influence on human destiny;
  • Psychoanalytic concept;
  • Karma of the family. Generic energy-information links. Responsibility for their ancestors;
  • Causes of events that recur in generations. Heredity;
  • Exercises for independent work;
  • Practice. Meditation. Power of the Generation training.
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