What is 
Health Energy Center?

Health improving center Health Energy was established in 2007 to provide professional assistance in revitalizing of both spiritual and physical state of people.

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Who is
Health Energy Center for?

We provide our services to all who wish to have solid health and immunity, to receive success in their careers and business, to find family wellness and happiness, to develop spiritually and live without fears.

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The goal of the
Health Energy Center

A society where people are physically and spiritually healthy, where they develop and know how to take care of themselves and their family.

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Health Energy Center

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How to find
Нealth Energy Center?

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Health Center Health Energy Center offers:

  • Consulting and diagnostics of the state of health and energy
  • Rehabilitation after heart attacks, strokes, injuries;
  • Correction of appearance - rejuvenation, normalization of weight;
  • Elimination of a wide range of diseases - musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system,
    respiratory system, nervous system, immune system, etc .;
  • Successful solution of problems in relations, career, business, removal of financial blocks;;
  • Improving the results in sports, also the development of intelligence, the desire for knowledge, creativity, improving memory;
  • Family counseling and removal of any negative impacts;
  • Energy cleansing of premises, offices, documents, seals;
  • Training Simply Meditation or Simply Meditation;
  • Teaching Vedic Numerology;
  • Training in the method of Cosmoenergetics.

Upcoming Events:

Healing by the method of Cosmoenergetics

20.05 - 25.05.20 в 18:00 5 Day Beginner's Course: Cosmoenergetics and Healing"